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A warm welcome
in the Villa Wickenburg!


Timeless elegance meets stylish lifestyle!

A historic house with soul:
The villa was built in the second half of the 19th century by the famous Salzburg builder Karl Baron von Schwarz, who was involved in the Empress Elisabeth Railway, on behalf of Noble Otto Schlumberger von Goldegg on the occasion of the marriage of his daughter Lily Schlumberger von Goldeck to Robert Capello von Wickenburg and served as a home for the successors of the von Wickenburg family until a few years ago.

In 2019, the house was finally sold to its current owners, who have used the last few years to bring the house technically up to date and lovingly build 7 completely new and additional apartments on the ground floor of the villa.

“SOLEM TOLERABIT ET IMBRES – it will endure the sun and the rain.”

Count Wickenburg Capello

When you hear the name “Salzburg”, you first think of Mozart, the festival and Salzburg’s old town. Our Villa Wickenburg is located on the outskirts of Salzburg in the Kasern district and is nestled between the Salzburg fashion industry and a green environment. Our time-honored house, which was renovated and redesigned according to the principles of the “Green Deal” in 2022/23, relies on sustainability as an argument for staying in our house.