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Our philosophy


Our top priority is the satisfaction of our guests in a responsible environment and satisfied employees. We want to satisfy our guests with mindfulness and sustainability, paying particular attention to the principle of regionality, and also bring you closer to the special features of Salzburg, not only in the immediate city center.

We are on the way to completely environmentally friendly operations, supported by geothermal energy, natural, healthy water and future photovoltaics. E-bikes are also available to our guests.

The renovation of Villa Wickenburg was based on the principle of “preserving the old and the historic,
but not to close themselves off to new and modern ideas”.
The small and fine garden around the villa is also a symbol of this way of thinking, whereby our guests in the terrace apartments should also have the opportunity to spend relaxing “green hours” in the surroundings of Wirtschaft.

As a company geared towards sustainability, we are aware of our responsibility, whereby we also prefer the regional character with increased use of products from the Salzburg region. And of course we also strive to achieve continuous improvements in all these areas, which is why we are always happy to receive suggestions from our guests.


Fair and equal treatment of all our guests and employees is a matter of course for us, whereby we naturally also stand for individuality and the necessary discretion of our visitors.

There is only one thing left to do: give us the opportunity to convince you on your next visit to Salzburg, feel more than just comfortable in the individually furnished design apartments at Villa Wickenburg and believe our arguments that Salzburg is not just the old town, but the entire region and its green, unique environment.